Why Do You Waste Time With People Who Will Never Buy From You...

...When You Can Find, Connect, And Engage With Perfectly Targeted Buyers AUTOMATICALLY?

Friend Connector Adds Targeted Leads To Your Facebook Account On Autopilot AND Starts The Conversation To Warm Them Up For You, Hands-Free!

  • Spend Your Time ONLY On The People You Want To Connect With -- No more time wasted on uninterested (or uninteresting) people who won’t buy from you... Get only the people who NEED and WANT what you offer!
  • Full Control Over Speed & Quantity Of Friend Requests -- You have complete control over time interval between requests and number of requests to perform, to help stay beneath Facebook’s radar!
  • Message When You Receive A Friend Request -- This is an important way to weed out scammers and general time wasters. Ask them why they requested your friendship before you accept!
  • ​Full Control Over Messaging -- Set up as many canned messages as you need, so you always have the right message for the right reason. Use Message Groups to rotate among multiple proper messages!
  • No More Random Searching Or Depending On Facebook Suggestions -- Friend Connector mines specific FB Groups you designate, other people’s Friend lists, your Suggested Friends, and even comments on ANY FB post or ad!
  • Message Your Targets When You Request Their Friendship -- Introduce yourself, explain why you requested their friendship, and start warming the prospect before they even accept!
  • Message When You Accept Or Decline A Friend Request -- Friend Connector can kick out a message to anyone whose request you accept or decline. Start the relationship the right way, or explain why you send them packing!
  • Includes Spintax For Automatic Messaging Variations -- Don’t want to manually set up variations of your messaging? Use the built in Spintax to vary your messages, for staying underneath the spam radar!

Best Of All, EVERYTHING Mentioned Above Is Done AUTOMATICALLY.
No Expensive Employees Or VAs, And None Of Your Valuable Time.
Set It Up And It Runs On Its Own, To Your Exact Instructions!

Here’s How Smart Marketers Like You Are Profiting From Friend Connector:
Here’s how Dave Miz uses Friend Connector to get high paying clients for his agency business!
Rob Reece has made tens of thousands of dollars using Friend Connector to perfectly target prospects on Facebook!

Dave and Rob have exploded the profitability of their businesses, while expanding their free time, with Friend Connector’s hands-off targeted audience building. You could be doing the same in minutes from now.

What exactly are you waiting for?

I Was Wasting My Time, And It Pissed Me Off!!!

From: Jon Vaughn

Founder and CEO of Tier5
Hi, my name is Jon Vaughn, my software company’s called Tier5. And I want to warn you ahead of time, I have a habit of swearing. I try to keep it under control, but you know, sometimes you need the right word, and the right word is a swear word.

So, yeah, I got royally pissed off at how much time I was wasting, which caused me to make a major MAJOR breakthrough.

You see, about four years ago, I decided to pivot what Tier5 did. Until then, we sold software engineering services to other SaaS companies. After watching them make a bunch of money off our work, I decided we should have our own SaaS products on the market, so WE could be the ones making the money. Makes sense, right?
The Problem Was (And Still Is) I’m Not A Marketer,
And I Don’t Want To Be A Marketer.
I didn’t want to have to get out there and be SELLING our stuff. Luckily, software engineers recognize leveraging opportunities. I recognized Facebook as something I could leverage to spread the word about our products, without being a marketer.

I spent 2018 doing the manual Facebook dance... finding people to add to my Friend list, posting content, creating trainings... all that organic stuff you can do WITHOUT being a flat out marketer. And it did work, but not to the extent I needed or wanted. Even following one of my guiding principles -- work smarter, not harder -- there was only so much time in my day, and I was spending too much of it.
I Started Getting Tired And Lazy.
I had been targeting as much as possible -- finding people in well targeted groups, or those who followed people who were particularly influential in my niche -- messaging every person I requested, introducing myself and letting them know why I requested them...

But we all get to the point where we just go, screw it, and start adding people. Maybe it’s people Facebook suggests you should request, maybe it’s just playing the numbers game. We get tired of the targeting work... and our results tell the tale. My results sure did. I went down the lazy route, targeting less, adding anyone, stopped messaging, and my sales started to fall.
One Way Or The Other, I Was Wasting My Precious Time.
Either I was spending a ton of time to get fully targeted people on my Friend list (and getting results), or I was spending less time but getting drastically fewer sales. I needed better quality “Friends” on my Friend list, and I needed to spend way less time and effort getting them.

I first thought about hiring some VAs to do the work for me. But that’s just throwing money at the problem -- I want to MAKE money, not SPEND money. That’s when it hit me, like one of my buddies slapping me in the face with a dead fish:
DERP! I Run A Software Engineering Business.
Why Don’t We Just Automate The Process?

(picture of me and my actual software engineering company Tier5)

I have more than 50 full time genius software developers in Tier5. If anyone could crack this problem, they could.

So I pulled together my best of the best, and we got to work. We outlined the perfect process for targeting, requesting, and messaging new people for my Friend list, ones that would be most likely to buy what we were selling, while also filtering out those people we didn’t want. We analyzed (as well as we could, since they don’t publish them) the limitations Facebook puts on Friend requests. We mapped out the perfect messaging strategy for contacting and warming up potential new “Friends.”

And here’s a biggie, we thought about the smartest way this could be automated, without tipping off Facebook that we were using automation software. You want everything to look as organic as possible to the Big FB, so they don’t close your account.

We Cracked Every Nut. The Result:
Friend Connector.

Friend Connector Follows A Proven Three Step Success Process:


Determine Your Ideal Customer Avatar

This is where it all starts. Think of the people who are most likely to buy what you are selling. Think of the keywords they’d use to identify themselves, things they like, descriptives. For example, are they people with a particular job title, like “CEO?” If so, you can tell Friend Connector you only want people who have “CEO” in their Facebook profile. Specify as many keywords as you want, for identifying your dream customer. Friend Connector uses these descriptives to separate the valuable buyers from the timewasters.


Find Their Hangouts And Connect With Them

Think about Facebook Groups your targeted customers would hang out in. Also think about who THEY follow, as well as what type of posts they’d comment on, including ads. Friend Connector slides through ANY Facebook group, ANY friend list, and ANY post/ad comments, applying your customer avatar descriptives, requesting only those who are perfect matches. Specify how many requests to send 


Start The Conversation To Warm Up Your Buyers

When each Friend Request goes out, Friend Connector can also kick out an accompanying Messenger message. You can set up individual messages or groups of messages for Friend Connector to pick from. You can even use the built-in Spintax function to vary your individual messages. Remember, you want to stay under the spam filter radar! These messages are gold for warming up your prospects. When they respond, you can take over from there and carry on the conversation.

Friend Connector Does All The Time Consuming “Friend Mining” Lead Generation Work, So You Can Concentrate On Making The Sale!

Kyle Willson

“Amazing! Works as advertised! Super cool and fast way to get targeted friends on Facebook without having to sit there for hours and manually do everything.”

Joe Kuskie

“It has taken me too much time to add friends to my profile and now with Friend Connector I am adding friends while I sleep. Best software I have ever used and so easy to set up.”

Jane Panessidi

“Love this! I was needing niche specific friends on my Facebook page and Friend Connector has allowed me to do that very easily! I am not techy and this was super simple to use. TY T5!”

Tom Loc

“It helps me make efficient use of my time and get results. Thanks to the creators of this software. Find a group and build your friends list with people that are relevant to your business.”

Ed Akehurst

“Fantastic tool! Great for finding super-targeted FB Friends easily.”

Sonya Hulse

“If you want to build your following of keyword targeted friends fast,this is the way to do it!”

And I Personally Make Over $1,000/Week In Sales Due To Friend Connector’s Results. This software has actually helped me make over $5,000,000 from random strangers on Facebook and even win the "coveted" 2 comma club award from clickfunnels.

Still Reading? I’m Going To Address The Three Questions That Are Holding You Back.

By now, I’ve shown you what Friend Connector does and how easy it is. I’ve shared testimonials from real users who have experienced increased success and greater sales by using Friend Connector. And I’ve given you plenty of opportunities to click that button for a 7-day free trial of Friend Connector.

And you may still have a few questions. Let’s just put all the cards on the table and have some honest talk, so you can feel confident to grab your Friend Connector access right now and get started on perfectly targeted hands-off audience building..

Question 1) “I’ve been screwed by online software purchases before, how do I know you won’t do the same.”

I SO understand this. If anyone’s been burned by online software purchases, it’s me. Since I run a software engineering business, I’m always checking out what other companies are putting out.

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but frankly, most of it is utter shit. And for the products that aren’t shit, many of them have shit for support.
So yeah, I get it. And this is where Tier5 and Friend Connector are different.

At Tier5, we aren’t some fly-by-night guys who use random code jockeys we find on Upwork or Fiverr. We have been in business for over 5 years, with over 50 full time genius software developers. I know what buyers like you go through when you get left high and dry on an app you depend on. Tier5 is a service-minded company dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs like you with powerful technology, so you can succeed and pursue your passions. Our success comes from YOUR success.

We work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to keep Friend Connector (and all our apps) updated. That includes making sure that Friend Connector works with all the the changes Facebook is making to their UI. We also provide full support, with live chat support. And we are not going anywhere, we are a long-range company.

Also, we don’t play the “buy it and ask for a refund if you don’t like it” game. Software companies do that because they KNOW they will get refund requests. Why do they know that? Your guess is probably correct. Instead, we give you a 7-day free trial so you can try BEFORE you buy. We’re confident once you see what Friend Connector can do, and how easy it is to do it, and how you can live your frickin’ life while Friend Connector is doing your hard work (and doing it better than you could’ve done it yourself), you’ll want to continue month in and month out.

Question 2) “How do I know Facebook won’t shut down my account for using Friend Connector?”

Can Facebook ban you for using Friend Connector? Of course. They can ban you for any reason at anytime they wish. But listen... I’ve been using Friend Connector for over 2 years now. I have used it to add over 20,000 Facebook Friends to my profile. I get up to 5,000, delete everyone, then start over again. The only time I’ve had an issue has been a few times Facebook has temporarily blocked me (24-72 hours) from sending Friend requests because, well, I got stupid and sent them too fast.

That’s why we have speed and quantity limitations YOU can set. You can set a total number of requests to send within a day, and how much time to wait between requests. What settings do we recommend? I don’t send requests with less than a 3 to 5 minute interval between them, and I typically limit it to between 100 to 300 per day.

Now, obviously, we don’t have any inside information into what Facebook’s internal limitations are, so we can’t say that you’ll be fully protected if you stick to those limits. But they’re what I stick to, and my Facebook account is doing just fine. YOU are in full control of the risk level you are comfortable taking. Stay low risk and you should stay under the radar.

Question 3) “Am I committed to a monthly subscription? How much is this going to cost me?”

An ongoing monthly subscription is the only way to truly sustain a REAL software product from a REAL software company with REAL support. When you see companies selling a product with a single one-time payment, unless it’s a really HIGH payment, that is nothing more than a money grab. They want to bring in a quick jackpot, which is great for today, but how can they continue to support you and improve their app? More times than not, you’re left holding the bag.

And we don’t have affiliates that we split half the money with. That’s an extremely costly way to market and, frankly, we don’t need it. (We do have an optional Partner Program where you get UNLIMITED Friend Connector accounts you can give away or sell for 100% of the revenue. You’ll learn about that after you sign up.)

So yes, Friend Connector is a monthly subscription. It costs a lot less than your time is worth and a lot less than new customers are worth to you. 

And how much is it? Far less than a half hour of your time is worth, that’s for sure. 

Want to have a look inside the Friend Connector Developement Office to see we're a real company you can trust?

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